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Angela Hemingway (President, Director)

Angela Hemingway is President of Hemingway, Ltd in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors. She is the senior member of the team, both in rank and in years with the company. She married Jack Hemingway, our founder, in 1989 and has been associated with the brand ever since.

She and Jack traveled internationally in her capacity of promoting the Hemingway brand. Ultimately a most coveted invitation from The French Designer Showhouse in 1999 asked her to introduce the collection and to celebrate Ernest Hemingway’s 100th birthday. The room displayed the lifestyle of Ernest Hemingway which received high praise in the Style section of the NY Times and then again in 2001 to celebrate her late husband’s lifestyle. Jack passed away in 2000.

Angela’s responsibilities involve the Ernest Hemingway intellectual properties. This covers literary, film and television and participation with the JFK Library (Ernest Hemingway Collection) and the Ketchum Community Library (Restoration of the EH House in Ketchum, Idaho).

Aside from responsibilities of the business her interests are philanthropic, specifically the SPCA and various arts and artistic causes. Leisure time activities include golf and fly fishing. She resides in California and Sun Valley, Idaho.

Seán Hemingway (Executive VP)

In addition to being an executive VP of Hemingway, Ltd, Seán Hemingway is the John A. and Carole O. Moran Curator in Charge of the Department of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

A specialist in Greek and Roman bronze sculpture and a classical archaeologist, he is the author of numerous publications on ancient art as well as a novel entitled, The Tomb of Alexander.

The grandson of Ernest Hemingway, he is the editor of Hemingway on Hunting and Hemingway on War, the Restored Edition of A Moveable Feast, and six other books of his grandfather’s writings, which comprise the popular Hemingway Library Edition series.

Brendan Hemingway (Director)

An entrepreneur and medical information systems expert, Brendan Hemingway has been on the Board of Directors since 2008. During that time he has concentrated on guiding the company toward a more digital and 21st century strategy as part of our on-going makeover to celebrate our 30th year in business. Brendan’s particular area of the brand is the “Enjoying the Ocean” dimension, the Key West facet.

Brendan resides on the Connecticut shoreline with his family and their dog where he enjoys swimming, boating, and long walks on the beach, but not getting caught in the rain.

Patrick Hemingway Adams (Director)

Patrick Hemingway Adams

Patrick Hemingway Adams has been involved with his grandfather Pat’s work with the Hemingway estate for years. Patrick did a stint on the board a few years ago which included a comprehensive survey of our outdoor licensees. Patrick rejoined the board as a director in 2020.

Patrick curates the Ketchum facet of our brand when he is not occupied using night vision goggles to hunt beaver.

Patrick lives in Montana with his family and his three working dogs (two bird dogs) where he enjoys hunting and camping whenever fatherhood allows.

Pat Hemingway (President Emeritus)

Pat Hemingway, Ernest’s middle son, uncle to both Brendan and Seán and grandfather to Patrick, is enjoying a well-earned semi-retirement but still managed to work with Seán on the Hemingway Library Edition series. Currently he is consulted almost daily as he assists the Hemingway Letters Project and remains a resource to the company in defining and shaping the brand.